Thursday, July 12, 2007

«Day 77-Thoughts of Loved Ones on Land»

(Fotografia «À tarde, quando o Sol beija o Mar», de Sissi)
To Reid's Mom and Dad Wind E - 8 knots Course: SSE Speed: 3 knots Position: 07° 08 N 22° 22 W
«With just Soanya and I sailing for months across the greatest open space on earth, you may imagine that we are beginning to experience feelings that take us closer to the infinite universe. I'm beginning to ponder higher callings and even wonder about God, especially here in the blue cathedral. When I think of my Mom and Dad, they are the closest I come to God. Nothing else that comes to me or that I imagine is closer. There are moments of illumination when I feel connected to everything and have a glimpse of the unknowable and indescribable that holy books and holy people try to depict but say is too awesome and sacred to see or share.
When I see my parents, I see the closest reflection to God that I can perceive and it is so good that something wells up inside of me and I cry. The tears include joy and come from a deep place inside, mysterious and satisfying, eternal and for me ever present. It is a world wide longing too. Who does not long to be blessed by lifelong security and a God so clear and loving, forgiving, concerned, involved, and supportive? (...) I thought of naming the schooner “Mom and Dad,” but decided “Anne” after my mom would be more appropriate. Harry (Dad) did help in the building of the schooner as he did with the building of my first boat, the catamaran Tantra. He taught me boat building and so many other things as well.
My parents raised us as Episcopal Christians and as long as we were at home, we had to attend church together as a family. They've never preached to us, but were an example to follow, helping elderly people, food donations for the poor, and generally involved in good social activities. Never have I seen them express anything less than love and they have been there for me when I needed them.
Even though the 1000 Day voyage would take me from them, they helped again and again, stepping up in the end and making our departure possible. I sail with God as the man and woman bonded together eternally expressing love
Posted by Reid Stowe & Soanya Ahmad (July 8, 2007) at [1000 Days Non-stop at Sea]

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pereira de oliveira said...

77 e o infinito biblico...bonito dia...mas o pai e a mae no mar sao bem outros e nao expressam amor sao Amor..talvez por isso valha a pena seguir a thousand days e o poema da Sailor Girl