Sunday, September 7, 2008

Viva Cascais!!!

(Photo by Sailor Girl * Click to better view it)
This weekend Cascais hosted a fabulous gathering of beautiful traditional sailing barges from the Tagus, with expositions, conferences, sailing activities for everybody, a bonfire party and, today, a great concert by the Band of Portuguese Navy at Baía de Cascais, followed by a great lunch at the Museum of the Sea (Museu do Mar).
This photo in particular depicts one of Cascais sailing barges, named «Não é desgraça ser pobre» («Being poor is no disgrace»), at Cascais Bay, by night. She is one of the many sailing barges of River Tagus registered at the Tagus Army Official Registration Book, aiming at the preservation of these important and historic ships.
Other traditional sailing barges from the Tagus present today at Cascais were from many friends from Moita and Sarilhos Pequenos, such as the following, by alphabetic order:
  1. «Esperança» («Hope»), from Sarilhos Pequenos;
  2. «Galdéria», from Sarilhos Pequenos;
  3. «Nina», from Moita (the «Dream Team», which includes «Sal», the sailor dog);
  4. «Ponta da Marinha», from Sarilhos Pequenos;
  5. «Quim Zé», from Moita;
  6. «Ruaz», from Sarilhos Pequenos;
  7. «Sempre consegui» («I made it, after all»), from Rosário.
The Sports Department of the Municipality of Cascais and the Captain of the Port of Lisbon and Cascais must receive a big applause for the splendid organisation and warm reception offered to all sailors and friends during this unforgettable weekend!


George Townboy said...

I applaud the Sports Department of the Municipality of Cascais and the Captain of the Port of Lisbon and Cascais, and I applaud you for your exceptional photography and devotion to all things nautical and blue!!

Raquel Sabino Pereira said...


Small City Scenes said...
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Small City Scenes said...

It looks like great fun. Did you have a good time? Here is a bunch of Applause! Applause--Applause etc.
I could give a few sailors a warm reception---oops! did I say that? LOL MB

António Medeiros Correia said...

Inexplicavelmente linda a fotografia.

Anonymous said...

Obrigada Raquel por saber ver sempre o que está por baixo do nosso nariz. Desassombrado e intenso é sempre o seu olhar sobre as coisas azuis da vida.

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" likes the reflection of the light in the water. Very fine image!

"Louis" thanks you for stopping by. He'll have the post of Christopher Columbus's Niña up this coming Thursday, 11 September.

Jane Hards Photography said...

This must have been a wondeful nautical event. Lovely nishtshot.

Anil P said...

It's just the right thing to do to be on the river at night and watch lights twinkling in the distance.