Thursday, November 20, 2008

And the assignments now go to...

(This is another photo taken by me which I really appreciate)
I was recently tagged by [richies] at his blog [An Arkie's Musings] in a meme called 5 things. He gave me the assignment of creating a post showing you five of my favourite personal photographs, which I have already done. Now it’s time to pass on the tag. It’s very difficult, because there are LOADS of excellent blogs, but I had to choose. Thus, I’m assigning and passing on this tag to:
  1. [Lisbon Girl]: Tell us about 5 dogs or cats you have owned or helped;
  2. [Gata Verde]: Tell us about 5 of the places you have not yet travelled to;
  3. [SWT]: Show us five of your favourite places to spend a weekend;
  4. [Ships & The Sea]: Tell us about your 5 favourite Portuguese Ships;
  5. [The Pilot Boat]: Tell us about 5 ships you have piloted.


Small City Scenes said...

Have fun everybody.
I haven't been on a Ferris Wheel in about a zillion years. Might be fun. MB

Jane Hards Photography said...

Scary, but fun.

Thank you for re adding me to the list. Your'e a star. I have linked you blog in my skywatch today as another thank you.

Luis Daniel Vale said...

I'm honored!
Homework for weekend... ;)

Louise said...

I love that hillside in the top photo. I want to run to the top and sit there a while. Then maybe roll down it! Beautiful!