Sunday, January 18, 2009

L'Ésprit «Tagus Navy»

(Photo by Sailor Girl)
This photo is very dear to me. It depicts some sailors and dear friends from the «Tagus Navy» (in Portuguese, «[Marinha do Tejo]»), aboard «[Princesa do Tejo]». They and all the other members of the «Tagus Navy» made this possible, with the precious help and support from the Portuguese Navy and other Civil Institutions, one of them Admiral Ferraz Sacchetti, who we physically lost, but who will forever encourage us and motivate all of us:
  • To carry on the struggle for better sailing conditions from the Portuguese State;
  • To pass along from Fathers to Sons and Daughters the maritime traditions (specially in what preservation and boat construction know-how is concerned); and
  • To remind us of the Fairplay we all need to have in Life.

We will soon publish the Programme of Activities for 2009, so that you may schedule with anticipation your participation or your attendance.

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Small City Scenes said...

What a super shot, Sailor Girl. Great sentiment and carry on for the admiral. We salute you all. MB