Sunday, February 8, 2009


(Photo taken by Sailor Girl to «T.S.Hamburg/ Maxim Gorkiy», last September, in Bergen)
Please note the following message sent by our Friend [Andreas Busecke]:
«Dear friends, of course you heard about the destiny of the beautiful Maxim Gorkiy, former T.S. Hamburg. She's now on the way to be scrapped in India. In Hamburg, the birthplace and past homeport of the ship, an action group has started the last attempt to preserve this historic liner. A group of investors has promised to transform the ship into a maritime hotel, museum and meeting point in the port of Hamburg, subject to the condition that the city of Hamburg offers a pier in the centre of the port.
The municipal authorities seem to be not aware of the importance of this classic liner - especially for Hamburg. After the Second World War, it was the first and also the last transatlantic liner built in Hamburg - and She is still in pretty good shape. It is an example of Excellency in German/Hamburg shipbuilding.
Please help to persuade the municipal authorities that the former TS Hamburg has to come back to Hamburg! Print the supplement, collect signatures for the petition and send back to me by fax.
It is URGENT, the ship is expected in India within 2 days.
Thanks to all shiplovers, sincerely
Andreas Busecke»
(This is the above referred Signature list for the initiative to repatriate the former «TS HAMBURG» to Hamburg)
More information may be found on the following links:
  • Club of the former cooks and of the friends of the ship: [HERE];
  • The local newspaper: [HERE].

You may also send your protest to the following EMAIL ADDRESSES (kindly given to me by Christina, from Germany):


Raquel Sabino Pereira said...

I am trying to finish the translation of the Supplement referred in the message, so that you may collect signatures for the petition and send back to Andreas by fax : (+ 49) 4921 329 22.

YES WE CAN!!!!!!

Kim said...

Oooooo, shiny, shiny! Wonderful photo. I wish you and those hoping to save her all the best. You really are a Sailor Girl!

BTW, we may be in Lisbon at the end of July/beginning of August. Fingers crossed.
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