Saturday, May 15, 2010


Photo by Sailor Girl of newly reborn and refitted «SANTA MARIA MANUELA», «CREOULA»'s twin sister (born in Lisbon, on May 10th, 1937). She came to Lisbon on May 11th, where she met her sister, after 40 years of separation and unbearable agony. They both welcomed the Pope, who had a magnificent view to all beautiful ships that were allowed to attend the Mass. It was a grand emotion. We were not able to save «MAXIM GORKYI» from her unfortune and unnecessary slaughter and scrap at Alang Beach, but at least we were compensated by this great miracle!!! Long Live All Ships' Saviours!!!... In this case, Pascoal Family and Portuguese Navy!!!


Dina said...

Pope Benedict does not get such a naval welcome everyday. He must have been so happy.

Welcome back to "Santa Maria Manuela." Yes, long live all who labor to save the good old ships.

Shalom to you, Sailor Girl!

Raquel Sabino Pereira said...

Shalom, my Dear Friend!!!!!