Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some good news!!!!!

Photo taken by Sailor Girl, at «Maxim Gorkiy», former «T.S.Hamburg» and, God Bless, future «HAMBURG»!!!
«February 9: Alex Naughton reports: “I have just been informed by a reliable source that the Maxim Gorky has passed through the Suez Canal and now is currently stationary in the Red Sea near Southern Egypt awaiting further instructions on her next moves. So yes, to clarify, the Maxim Gorky is not moving and is stationary at this time and is not making any further progress towards India at the moment.
I am also informed that the ship has been exempt from SOLAS 2010 regulations (which come in force in October 2010) until October 2013, therefore this delays when she would need to be upgraded. Also the ship is fully intact on board and retains all her furniture, fittings and on board furnishings. Thus she remains in very good condition.
However she is only currently certificated for a one way delivery voyage to Alang, India for scrapping. If she can be saved she will need to be recertificated for other purposes or for a return to passenger service. Meanwhile the interested parties in Germany continue to make progress with their aspirations to save the Maxim Gorky.»


Anonymous said...

I read the post and found it was interesting. I don't know what to think but would hope she makes it to the scrapyard in good shape without sinking.


I wish she can return to service. The main issue associated to the end of the Phoenix Reisen charter was the high cost of fuel, no longer a problem...