Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Photo by Sailor Girl, taken at Boca do Inferno, Cascais (Lisbon).
Ó Mar Salgado, quanto do teu sal são lágrimas!
Oh Salty Sea, how much of thy salt are tears!


maria rosa said...

le tue bellissime foto mi fanno sempre sognare....
qui in ufficio le giornate sono lunghe ma con voi posso sognare la mia prossima estate portoghese!!
baci dall'Italia!
maria rosa
p.s. come faccio a mandarti una foto?

pereira de oliveira said...

I come from the mountains in the northeast of Portugal and...You can not imagine for how many years I actually believed that this awesome and thus sublime site,
the quintessence of all the elements, was the entrance to hell(boca do inferno,in Portuguese, means literally "lell's mouth)...than one day I came and I saw.
And,I tell you; it is, as you can see in the Sailor Girl's photograph, one of those very rare places on earth where you can just stand, stare and absorb the sublime, the salt, of every human soul.
Wether, afterwards, you do everything or nothing for the remainder of your life, you have been touched by the undivided unity of the Universe.
When you first see it you know that the Universe has been waiting trillions of years for that moment with you, just you. And it will be ever, a souvenir from the past; ever, a gift for the present; ever, reinvented for the future; never the same and foerever the same.
In the end Sailor girl's magic. The salt of our souls.

Ioanna said...

Mmmm, this is a breathtaking photo! Amazing!