Thursday, March 13, 2008

This morning the Sea looked wonderful!

(Photo by Sailor Girl)
Walking from home to the train station taking us from Cascais to Cais-do-Sodré (a 40 minutes beautiful trip along the seashore and then the Tagus), I made a small detour for coffee at the beach. Ah... It felt splendid! It's warmer now and the days are getting longer and the light is fantastic! Watching the ship at Cascais Bay, I felt «land-sick». How I wish I were a fisherman, or a tug driver... I took several other photos I will be posting during today and tomorrow. Today is Thursday and tomorrow, well, Tomorrow Thank God it will be Friday!!!


George Townboy said...


Now I know, I'm going to the beach Saturday, just to get some photos!

Sailor Girl said...

Please do!!! I hope it won't rain!!!!!

Swt said...

Deu-me saudades do tempo em que aí vivia.
A hora do almoço era boa. Podia ir ao pontão com filhote almoçar. Mais a Quinta do Lago, uma pastelaria no Monte Estoril.
Mas por estes lados Sailor girl, quem vive só é mais prático. E temos que ser práticos. Sniff sniff