Monday, September 24, 2007


(Fotografia e texto de Ricardo Diniz, que se encontra no Creoula)
«Friday 21st was an exciting day, especially after the intense thunder storm the night before. As we all arrived onboard the Creoula sailing ship, what would this voyage hold for us? Good weather, bad weather? Big waves? Perhaps even dolphins? As we sailed out of the Tejo estuary, with a stunning view of Lisbon on the starboard side, we were given a solid brief about life onboard. This is important to make sure everyone is always safe and knows what their jobs and routines are. We then sailed under the red bridge and out into the open ocean. The weather forecast was ideal, with northwesterlies pushing us along with a building swell. The Captain allowed for everyone to eat their lunches before going ahead with putting up sails. It takes as much as one hour to get a boat like this sailing! The crew were kind and patient in the way they would explain things to everyone. A few hours after departure the Creoula was fully under sail and happily on her way south, towards Portimao. As we sailed further south the wind picked up and so did the swell. This was quite beautiful although some people got wet, seasick and even a bit scared. But all this is normal at sea. Everyone took good care of each other :)
In the early hours of the morning the Cape St. Vincent on the south west tip of Portugal was rounded and shortly after, as the sun began to rise, Portimao came up from the horizon. Everyone was happy to arrive because the waves made it hard to sleep. But once tied up on the dock many commented how much they missed the sea already! And yes, we were lucky to see many dolphins! They are always so special.»
Mais informações na página do [RICARDO], bem como no [Blogue do Creoula] e na [Imprensa].

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