Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lisbon Seaguls

Photo by Sailor Girl


Rambling Round said...

I can tell how big the boat is compared to the gulls. Interesting shot.

Jilly said...

Super shot.

joao veiga said...

Em termas na Galiza, grandes Gins e mariscadas

Jonhatan Livingstone said...

I remember, I have been there.
I overcame the bend of fear on those shores. Golria, Kirie, Sanctus;
Father, we dream.
I dreamed there. I prepared the bidy for my trip walking those shores.
You can not imagine I chartered walking right at the edge of that harbour's wall.
But, for the whole of that, Sailor Girl, thank you.

Gata Verde said...

Bela visão da nossa cidade!

Beijinhos e bom Carnaval!