Tuesday, March 4, 2008

East of the Sun & West of the Moon

Photos taken by Sailor Girl at Restaurante Trindade, Chiado (Lisbon), which has many other awsome tile murals!!!
East of the sun and west of the moon
We'll build a dream house of love dear
Close to the sun in the day
Near to the moon at night
We'll live in a lovely way dear
Sharing our love in the pale moonlight
Just you and I, forever and a day
Love will not die; we'll keep it that way
Up among the stars we'll find
A harmony of life to a lovely tune
East of the sun and west of the moon dear
East of the sun and west of the moon!
"East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon)", DIANA KRALL



Um momento alto de inspiração azul. Este blogue está cada vez melhor.Belas fotografias...

Sailor Girl said...

OBRIGADA!!! O seu também escapa...

George Townboy said...

Beautiful photos, awesome post! I love the poem ... how was the food?

Sailor Girl said...

Hi George! The food was out-of-this-World!! Perfect steack (raw and tasty) with a fried egg on the top and a really cool Coke! Ate outside, as it was really hot!!!!

Sailor Girl said...

George, it's the lyrics of the music now playing (that goes along with the photos), you have to turn on your colume!

George Townboy said...

Obrigado! Seu blog é maravilhoso.

I'll remember to turn my volume up in the future. BTW, I had a meal like that once, lol.

Denton said...

I like your "east of the sun and west of the moon" comment and photos.

Sailor Girl said...

Thank you, Denton!!!

raf said...

great song, haven't heard it before, and you got it beautifully illustrated!

Uma por Dia said...

Epá tenho de lá voltar para ver os azulejos!

Carrizo said...

I like azulejos. Last time I saw them in Azores in Ponta Delgada.

Here is link to my video:


Sorry that my music is not portugues because I had not.