Monday, March 24, 2008

My neighbour cats

(Photos by Sailor Girl)
While in [CELEBRATION] it is absolutely forbidden to feed the alligators (according to the Laws of the State of Florida), in CASCAIS (one of Lisbon's Municipalities, as I have previously mentioned) you are not only allowed to feed these wild panthers, I mean street cats, but also invited to do so... This is one of my daily views, each time I open the front door they come and greet me, making it even harder for me to start the daily commute to Lisbon. I wish I could stay and play with them. They are almost a dozen cats, settled here when they were thrown away from the place they were born (a few meters away). I hope they live here for many years and that the Laws don't change.


Ming the Merciless said...

Some people in NYC have been arrested for keeping an alligator and a python in their small apartment. :-)

Nice song on your blog.

LisbonGirl said...

That's my girl!Hi, Sailor!:))
Saudades e beijocas Pascais!

George Townboy said...

You are so kind!! My brother has a serious amount of homeless cats showing up at his door every day too. Makes him feel good to feed them!

Thank you SO MUCH for the notice in this post and the new link on the sidebar ... YOU'RE AWESOME!!

Sailor Girl said...

Thanks, Ming the Merciless!
Alligators and pythons??? Are they mad???? They could eat themselves up! LOL!!!

Hello, Lisbon Girl! I missed you!!!

George Townboy, is your brother allowed to feed them??? LOL! Some people over here don't appreciate that we feed them... Some people even hate street cats!!!