Monday, April 28, 2008

«Sacadura Cabral» em 25-4-2008

(Photo by Sailor Girl)


George Townboy said...

That's an awesome shot with the city in the background!!

Curly said...

Great picture today, I love that view!

Today I'm saying a huge big thank you for the support shown by CDP bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You have the nicest Navy photos I get to see. I am somewhat amazed at how the ship color matches the water and sky. Out in the ocean you would not be able to see the ship at all. It would be a perfect blend.

Gata Verde said...

Viva a Liberdade!

Olivier said...

belle photo de ce bâtiment de guerre. belle vue.

beautiful picture of this warship. beautiful sight.

Sailor Girl said...

George Townboy: Thank you! You are always so kind! This beautiful Ship of the Portuguese Navy served with the highest dignity our country for more than 40 years and it is sad to say goodbye to her. She will now serve the Uruguay Navy.

Thank you too , Curly. I will read your posts as soon as possible (time is not abundant over here…)

Abraham Lincoln: Wow also to you and Patty, mate!!! I am so happy you like them.
Gata Verde: Viva! E viva o 1.º de Maio!!! Pelo menos é Feriado!!! LOL!

Olivier : Mercie beaucoup, mon cher confrère!!!