Thursday, June 12, 2008

About the missing wheel

Photos by Sailor Girl of the same beautiful blue wheel in Lisbon (the one that suddenly disappeared).
The first two on this post were taken BEFORE someone decided to take the opportunity to make some extra cash out of it. See?? No advertisement yet!!!

The third was taken after someone seized the opportunity!! You may see a huge passengership passing by. She looks really small compared to the wheel!!!

If you click on the label «Lisbon wheels» you may find more extraordinary photos taken by me to this beauty!!! hehehe!


asbeirasdoarnego said...

Moi bonita noria, encantaríame montar nela... é moi alta.

Small City Scenes said...

Too bad is wasn't us making the money. Someone will always take advantage of any situation. MB

Louis la Vache said...

Very interesting evolution of the revolution of the wheel... (Editor to "Louis": (ahem) 'Didn't you get a little carried away there?)

"Louis" thanks you for pointing out the passenger ship. He overlooked it at first.

"Louis" looked over his balcony and saw the Dawn Princess had arrived.

Sailor Girl said...

Dear Friends, thanks for your visits and comments and I am sorry for only being able to reply now!
Love, from (sunny/rainy) Lisbon

Sailor Girl said...

Louis la Vache!!! THANK YOU FOR WARNING ME!!!! I have never seen her around here. I checked at my friend's blog ( and it seems she has not come to Lisbon Port yet.