Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today's first music at Rádio Atlântico Azul

«Flying saucers could land and it wouldn't make much difference to my man. I could walk aboard and thank the Lord and leave this damn town in seconds flat, check my bags and never come back. Oh, our love is like a fuse that's burned out. Oh, our love is like a fuse that's burned out. Oh, I've been unkind, not like you. Ain't I ashamed, being misused. I liked your Chevy Duster, I liked your brand new trailer, I liked your colour TV, but you looked at that colour TV more than me. More than me»
«Ain't it a Shame», by the B52's, who will soon be playing on a Lisbon Mega Concert and I can´t seem to get a ticket for myself! Ain't it a shame?? LOOOLLL!!!....
By the way, the second music playing today at my Radio is called «In your dreams», is sang by Liliana Correia and was written by portuguese Armando Teixeira (Balla, Bullet). It was exclusively written for a commercial of TMN, one of the Portuguese mobile phone operators. Hope you like it! It's MADE IN PORTUGAL!!!

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Knoxville Girl said...

Oh, I hope your luck changes and you get a ticket. The B52s played an outdoor concert here in little old Knoxville some years ago and we were literally dancing in the streets.