Tuesday, January 27, 2009




My World is a place where we should LIVE LIFE FULLY!!!

A contribution to «[That's my World Tuesday]».

This video is a Portuguese ad from Vodafone, where they are saying, in Portuguese Language, the following message: «The Mayfly has a life expectancy of only one day, but will it be a concern for her? Not a bit, because she fills her day with the things she loves the most. Maybe all of us, who live so many more years, have something to learn from this. Think for a second: should you live your life as the Mayfly is enjoying hers, have you imagined how wonderful it could be? Live the moment! LIVE NOW!»

A efémera foi popularizada pela Vodafone num anúncio muito bonito e com a seguinte mensagem: «A efémera tem uma esperança de vida de apenas um dia, mas será que isso a preocupa? Nem um bocadinho, porque ela preenche esse dia com as coisas que mais adora. Se calhar, nós que vivemos tantos anos, temos alguma coisa a aprender com isto. Pense um segundo, se aproveitasse a vida como a efémera, já imaginou como seria? Viva o momento! Viva NOW


soulbrush said...

i love those words, carpe diem...and i agree fully. and thanks for your nice comment on my blog about mandela, i love him too.

Louise said...

We do have to make each day count!

richies said...

What an amazing video. Your post is very thought provoking

An Arkie's Musings

MaCoBra said...

I so fully agree with you! a day not smiled is a day not lived!

Cheers from Marcel

Swt said...

A beautifully conceived!

Arija said...

There certainly is a great lesson on that!

Babooshka said...

Beautiful lesson

Nuno Olim said...