Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Infante Dom Henrique», the first ship I sailed on)
«I» is for «IDIOTS» who hate ships and let them die or simply don't care. Many beautiful Portuguese ships could still be alive and sailing (such as «Infante Dom Henrique», «Pátria», «Vera Cruz», «D. Fernando II e Glória» and «Ponta Delgada»), and many foreign ships, such as «Queen Elizabeth 2» and «Maxim Gorkiy», deserved a better fate!!!... A furious contribution to ABC Wednesday.

Vera Cruz» is another sad example of a beautiful Portuguese ship slaughtered to death)


Small City Scenes said...

My goodness, I am as furious as you are. This is terrible. What are we doing about it. Our hands are tied I suppose. MB

Sherrie said...

Beautiful Ships! Great "I" post! Some of the old ships here in the states are being sunk to create coral reefs. Have a great day!!


Neva said...

What a great post....and isn't it a shame?

jay said...

Slaughtered to death? My goodness, what are they doing to them?

I think it's always sad when beautiful things are tossed in the junkyard when they are not longer economically viable. In a few decades, people will wish they'd saved them.

On behalf of the team, thanks for joining in with ABC Wednesday. :)

Jose G. said...

Hey ! That´s my ship ! I was a passenger of "Vera Cruz" for several weeks , on a two way "cruise" to Angola , back in the sixties . There were 2,000 troops ( all male ) on board and I remember an old lady who played the piano at the first class lounge . Dance music , of course .

Tumblewords: said...

I'm not sure when new and bigger became better than older and wonderful...sad state - wonderful post!

Babooshka said...

I love your passion for ships. It is wrong that some are neglected like this.

CAP CRÉUS said...

Não podia estar mais de acordo!
Mas pelos visto, não se aprende nada, com os erros do passado!