Wednesday, April 29, 2009

«O» is also for «Open Letter»

«Dear Sirs, Deputies to the European Parliament, I would like to draw your attention to the following. My main blog, Atlântico Azul, is a space of Freedom and Happiness shared with many people all over the World. It is also vital to promote and advertise the sailing events and specially the races held in the River Tagus and organised by the Tagus Navy («Marinha do Tejo»), composed of the traditional sailing barges of the Tagus. I was informed that the Telecoms Package will be voted by the European Parliament committees by all MEPs. I have serious concerns that the changes that the European Parliament is proposing will adversely affect not only business but also Freedom of Speech within the European Union.
I understand that the European Parliament is proposing to include changes to the law which will affect my access to the Internet, and which may limit, restrict or place conditions on my ability to access websites and services.I use the Internet everyday to work, shop, socialise, bank, research, listen to music, enjoy cultural activities, talk to friends and family, order tickets, choose my holidays, pursue my interests and hobbies...and much more.
The changes in the law that the European Parliament is proposing will permit my broadband provider to offer me a limited, restricted or conditional service. My concern is that such changes will kill the life of the Internet as we know it, and could have serious, detrimental economic impact on Europe’s economy. I am writing to ask you, as my representative in the European Parliament, to vote to protect our right to promote free sailing events and to trade and do business and anything not illegal using the Internet.
As we live in a democratic society, we need to openly debate these issues and establish the principles for the Internet as society. Please support amendments which safeguard my rights to access and distribute content, services and applications and reject any text which talks about ‘lawful content’ or about placing limitations, restrictions or conditions on my Internet access. In particular, I would like you to guarantee my rights to freely use the Internet, and ensure that all websites and services are accessible to all users. Please do also support the creation of legislation preventing abuses by the telecoms/mobile phone providers which, in connection with value-added services providers, are allowing the latter to send us value-added SMS’s (without the consumers having asked for that)! This is an abuse, I have complained to the national authorities and supervisors (ICP-ANACOM) and they do not even bother to reply.
Yours sincerely, Sailor Girl
A única resposta que recebi até ao momento foi a do Senhor Deputado Carlos Coelho, a quem muito agradeço. Por ter recebido muitas mensagens sobre o assunto, destacou a resposta dada no site dele AQUI.
The only answer received by now was by Deputy Carlos Coelho, to whom I thank so much. You may find the answer to the several requests he has been receiving at his homepage HERE.


B Squared said...

We are facing similar issues here. Why must some people in authority try to ruin a good thing? Tragic.

Small City Scenes said...

Let us hope our inherent right to freedom of speech shall not be trampled on.

Your open letter is very eloquent. MB

CAP CRÉUS said...

O Carlos Coelho responde sempre, é extremamente dinâmico.
Boa sorte!

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, good luck. I keep reading about places everywhere who are trying to cut down on access, speed, etc. (Amazing how people can say 'no' use it for years as a power trip.)

kyle said...

Very eloquent and direct, SG. Shame the reply/link is so political.

mch said...

I support Atlantico Azul in it stance against discrimination in the net.
Apoio completamente esta tomada de posição do Atlantico Azul contra a discriminação na net e registo que em mail o Prof. Carvalho rodrigues está a difundir uma importante mensagem de teor semelhante

Mendo Henriques