Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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«U» is for «U-HU!!!!!!», because today is PORTUGAL DAYDay of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities»)!!!!
Portugal, a beautiful country right at the centre of the World Map, with lots of Sea but with almost no ships to sail in it.

«U» is also for «UÍGE», one of the hundreds of Portuguese Ships already gone and built on a time when Portugal really cared for its Ships and was aware of their importance both for the economy and also for the leisure of the people. This one in particular was named after a beautiful city in Angola and was deadly scrapped by [Batistas S.A.]. I hope they earned a lot of money doing it and that the IRS charged them a fortune!

Another fabulous, extraordinary and, some will even say, UNIQUE contribution to ABC Wednesday!...


Leif Hagen said...

Sailor Girl! What? ABC Wednesday is E-E-E-E-E!!!!

: - )

Dina said...

Happy Portugal Day to you and your lovely country!
I love to hear you when you get up on the soap box, Sailor Girl.
It must be traumatic to see a ship scrapped.
This is indeed a fabulous, unique, etc. post!

Small City Scenes said...

U is for Unique---And that is U Sailor Girl. Surrounded by water and not a ship left. Wah!!! MB

Babooshka said...

Another unusual and unique choice.


Que saudades do paquete UIGE. Era o "patinho feio" da frota da Companhia Colonial de Navegação. Apenas pela modéstia das suas dimensões face aos grandes paquetes da companhia, como o INFANTE, o SANTA MARIA ou o VERA CRUZ.
Ainda fui a tempo de lhe fazer muitas fotografias, quer durante os dois últimos anos em que navegou, quer durante a lenta agonia no Mar da Palha a partir de 1976, até acabar em Alhos Vedros nas mãos dos sucateiros Baptistas...
Era um navio simpático e foi muito lucrativo para o armador e útil ao País.