Thursday, June 25, 2009

«Note to President Obama», by Don Tapscott

(Photo by Sailor Girl)
Today I would like to share with you an article by Don Tapscott, «Note to President Obama: Want to Fix the Schools? Look to Portugal!», where he states that «Portugal is on a campaign to reinvent learning for the 21st century. The technology is only one part of that campaign. The real work is creating a new model of learning. I believe this could help the U.S. revive students' interest in school and perhaps keep them in school long enough to graduate, and even go to college. It would be a substantial investment. It's estimated that the total cost of giving a computer to each student, including connection to networks, training, and maintenance, is over $1,000 per year. Yet after seeing the promise of the exciting classrooms in Portugal, I'm convinced it is worth it. Your child should be so fortunate.»


Dina said...

I followed your link and enjoyed the news. Lucky kids in your country. Wish Israel would do the same.

Joao Quaresma said...

Of course, there's the other side to the matter: on a general election year tests are so easy success rates are phenomenal. If kids end up being worthless ignorants, Government can always buy computers to do the work.