Tuesday, January 22, 2008

(Photo credits: unknown)
After a beautiful sunshine today in Lisbon, a full moon can now be observed in Lisbon's sky. So why does my heart feel so bad?... I wish I were sailing...


maria elisa said...

Meu Deus...... que hipnótico.


Uma por Dia said...

Great photo, great moon, i'm going out now just to find it!

jc said...

Se Deus te olhasse directamente nos olhos e dissesse:

«Ordeno-te que sejas feliz neste mundo,enquanto viveres»

Que farías? :)!

Halcyon said...

Simply stunning!

This photo does not need words.

Southern Heart said...

What a beautiful, eye-catching photo!

A Memória said...

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters." God creates light; the "firmament" separating "the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament;"

A Memória said...

The Romans, Sailor Girl, were right in believing in many gods. Some of them were only atributed to the Emperor. Only, the Patriae Pater,Consul,Ceasar, Pontifex Massimus,could dispense of them.
One was called Felicitas. The goddess of Happyness. Some Emperors minted Felicitas, the Goddess, on their coins. They send it from the land of the Lusitanians, Cape of Rock in the furthest west of the Empire , to furthest shores of the Black sea. From the Ardrian wall in Southern Caledonia also known as Scotland to the south the Sahara desert. From Parthia known today as Iraq to Mauritania.
They also minted and also send accross the whole of the empire another coin with their ephigee on one side and the Godess of beauty, Venus, on the other side.
For some unholly, unreasonable, unfair, and for a malice beyond forgiveness they, the Roman Emperors never, never, minted on their coins the two Goddesses togeteher, Venus and Felicitas.
You, Sailor Girl, are the Godess of inner and outer Beauty.
One day, the Godess, Felicitas, will inhabit with you. It will not be given to you by an Emperor. There are no more Emperors.None is left; men, in the west, the male of the species is terrified. They form a pathetic crowd. Others from ather parts of the world are unafraid and taking over. May be those without fear in their hearts carry the godess Felicitas to the ones they meet. No one knows.
But one thing I do know; that the beauty inside of you, Sailor Girl, will, one day, make unaided an althar for the godess Felicitas to rest at all times inside of you. Because, you see, she is already in you, Sailor Girl. What you do here in your blog and elsewhere in your work and in your passion for the Atlantic is dispense, give Felicitas.
It is the burden of carrying it, of offering Felicitas just for others that saddens you...but, may be that is the price for being both Venus and Felicitas.
I revere in you the two godesses and since I am the memory I have done so and shall allways do so, and there is no merit in it. A Memoria can not do otheriwse.

Ioanna said...

Ho my god, this is magic!!!!!

Kim said...

Simply gorgeous!

Kala said...

that is an awesome shot of the moon and its reflection!