Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To Clarice de Saint Malo & To all Friends all over the World

These photos depict Lisbon as viewed from the River Tagus (# 1) and the Training Ship BELEM, a beautiful French Tall Ship (almost as beautiful as [CREOULA] hehehe), at Saint Malo (# 2). You CAN and SHOULD take a look at their Programme for this coming Spring and Summer [HERE].
As a quick outlook, please note that:
  • Belem will be open to public on the following ports (Le Belem sera ouvert au public dans les ports suivants): a) 30 March 2008: Brest; b) 06 April 2008: Saint Malo; c) 19 April 2008: Calais; d) 08 May 2008: La Rochelle. She will be the guest of honour of this french city, from where she will depart to the Atlantic Crossing to Québec. Belem est l'invité d'honneur de La Rochelle, qui l'accueillera dans le Vieux port pour participer aux festivités du départ de la Grande Traversée La Rochelle – Québec.

  • Several opportunities to sail on the Great Voyage of Belem to Québec (Le Grand Voyage du Belem à Québec):
  1. Bordeaux – Madère (Madeira Island, Portugal): 19 - 29 May 2008 (€ 1200);
  2. Boston (or Halifax) – Québec: 22 (or 25) June to 01 July 2008 (€ 1000 or € 850);
  3. Gaspé – Marseille: 28 July to 30 August 2008: € 3400;
  4. Gaspé – Lisbon (Portugal): 28 July to 19 August 2008 (€ 2400) - This is the first part of the Great return Voyage: 24 days crossing the Atlantic Ocean with two calls to St Pierre & Miquelon and to the Azores Islands (Portugal). It will end at Torre de Belém, our beautiful Lisbon Monument! I WILL TRY TO REGISTER ON THIS ONE! Première partie du Grand Voyage de retour : 24 jours de traversée de l'Atlantique au portant à bord d'un trois-mâts à phare carré, et 2 escales à St Pierre & Miquelon et aux Açores. Ce voyage s'achèvera au pied de la Tour de Belém à Lisbonne.
  5. Lisbonne – Marseille: 21 - 30 August 2008 (€ 1000);
  6. Açores (Azores islands, Portugal) – Lisbonne: 12 to 19 August 2008 (€ 900) This also looks very nice... I've done it at CREOULA and I recommend it!
  7. Açores - Marseiile: 12 - 30 August 2008 (€ 1900).

This post is dedicated to [CLARICE of Saint Malo] and to all Friends all over the World who love [SHIPS & the SEA]!!!!!


pereira de oliveira said...

Não estará na Tall ships race que este ano sai da "minha" Liverpool capital ca cultura europeia deste ano e uma das capitais do Oceano!?
Mas quando se olha para os preços há uma coisa que a Marinha pode e deve aumentar os preços Creoula para o dobro que ainda não se comparam aos do Belém que não é por isso que não teria clientes, se calhar até teria mais.

Sailor Girl said...

XIU!!!! Caladinho!!! Se não não haverá como embarcar no nosso querido CREOULA!!!

pereira de oliveira said...

caramba....só pode ter sido da febre...ainda não tinha tomado o remédio da manhã...o melhor é mesmo ser apagado...só a delirar é que posso ter contribuido desat maneira para a inflação!!!I am sory...very sory!

kostas said...

I love boats,as an old navy.I was in Hellenic navy for 28 months during my military service.Great life!

Gordon said...

You've inspired me Sailor Girl. I visted our sail training ship today. I was able to go on board as the ship's engineer is a friend of mine. I will post a photo of it tomorrow.

Sailor Girl said...


Jilly said...

What a great post! I was lucky enough to be in Sydney when the Tall Ships arrived, and later in Hobart. They are just amazing. Love your photos. You must have had the best time.

Thanks so much for your visits to Menton Daily Photo.

Sailor Girl said...


sam said...

Hi sailor girl, thanks for the visit, I see we share a love of tall ships, these are so stunning! I did a recent post on the Goteberg, and also the great gale in Port elizabeth in 1902 when 21 tall ships were lost, in fact I am busy doing a couple of paintings from the vintage photos at the moment.

Bergson said...

Belem a very beautiful boat that I have the occasion to take in photograph often in Nantes his port, I work at side
it is anchored opposite Titan, a crane which you can see here

Pat said...

Oh, so beautiful! Love your blog today!


Guelph Daily Photo, Pat's Photo-a-Day

Clarice said...

Bom Dia (I have been learning Portuguese) Thank you are really kind but crazy!!! :-)