Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lisbon's «Pastéis de Belém»

(Photo by Rubber Slippers in Italy)
I was googling photos of Lisbon's ultra famous, world widely known and tasty «Pastéis de Belém» (Belém's custard cream pastries) when - Goodness Gracious!!- I found [this blog] with recipes and photos of wonderful cakes and desserts and, of course, what I was looking for. Today's picture was downloaded from [this post], but take a look at today's... The problem with Pastéis de Belém (specially when you eat them straight from the oven) is that you forget to photograph them... then it's too late!!!


Lezard said...

They look delicious!

Uma por Dia said...

my favouritesssssss!!
I guess i'll go there tomorrow!!

Joao Quaresma said...

They ARE delicious.

joao veiga said...

dis uonderful blog apparentes me dificult in lising bicose i poor note abaut inglish in igh schuul.

rowena said...

I am blushing BIG TIME to think that you thought this photo was worth posting! I swear, my sister and I were rushing to get the best shot possible in the hotel room...we just wanted to eat them!

Again, thanks for the mention. Sometimes I think my obsession with food is a bit too crazy, but I suppose it's all good at the end! Hmmm..maybe you could suggest in the comments where is your favorite shop to purchase these? We only ended up going to El Corte Ingles since it was near to the hotel. Aloha and Ciaooooooooo! :-)

p.s. It makes me sad to think that the portuguese who moved to Hawaii did NOT bring over the art of making pasteis de belem. If these were sold at a bakery there, that person would be famous!

Sailor Girl said...

LOOOOL, Rowena!!! I will then move to Hawaii!!!! And be FAMOUS!!! (and fat!!!)

My favourite shop to buy them is the official one, at Belém, near the Monastery of Jerónimos: «Casa dos Pastéis de Belém» («House of Pastéis de Belém»)!!!

rowena said...

The strange thing is that malassadas made the trip over to Hawaii, so why not the pasteis? It is one of the most popular (and I really mean POPULAR!) treats for all of the local residents. Oh, I should add visitors too because they think that malassadas is a hawaiian thing! (a forgiveable misconception, I think). I worked at a bakery where people would come early in the mornings to buy dozens of malassadas to bring to the office for their workmates.

Here's a pretty cool link on how malassadas became integrated in the hawaiian menu:

All About Malassads from Portugal & Hawaii

I still wish the pasteis de Belem made it across the distance though, and don't even get me started on chouriço/chorizo. Another great foodstuff.

Sailor Girl said...

Rowena, you REALLY made my day!!!!!! (and today I am so sad...)
It's 2h30 p.m. and I still couldn't manage to feel hungry to have lunch, but now I got a bit cheered up by you!!! Thank you!!!

LisbonGirl said...

Disseram Lisbon?!!!:))
Beijinhos, Sailor!:))

Amiga Atlántica said...

Em Porto chámanse natas, son boísimas!!!
Cumprimentos desde Vigo Sailor Girl,