Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rinave Portuguesa - Hull marking of the Portuguese Shipping Classification Society

(Photo by Sailor Girl)
In the shipping industry, classification societies are non-governmental organizations or groups of professionals, ship surveyors and representatives of offices that promote the safety and protection of the environment of ships and offshore structures. Portugal was one of the smaller countries that was able to successfuly create a sound classification society in the 1970's, Portuguese RINAVE. However, some years ago, due to the pressure of the larger classification societies and their persistent lobbying at the European Union, life became more and more difficult for RINAVE and was unfortunately taken over by the french Bureau Veritas, thus loosing its independence... For more information regarding these societies, click [HERE].


George Townboy said...

I absolutely love the education and introduction to Portugal's culture that I'm getting on your blog!

I love the music, too.

Sailor Girl said...