Thursday, February 26, 2009


(Photo by Sailor Girl)
At the request of Mr. Gerd Wüsthoff, our Friend [Dirk Steffen] is sending the following message by the Bitsch-Christensen Family, who were the founders of the German Atlantic Line. Please help us spread it all over the World! This beautiful ship could have been saved!!! Here it goes:
«The picture of my father before his so very special funnel says it all. My body is shaking and I am so much into tears - and simultaneous I am angry like I've never been in my life. All I can think is, have the same forces come up again that back in 1974 have been responsible for my father and his life's achievements to come to an undue end? Because he was different, because he was always kind to and interested in his crews, staff, donors and his family? Because he brought humor into the shipping business, because so many of them prized him - that "stupid Dane" - so highly? Now, as my parents sit above us on their cloud, with shame and sadness turning their faces pale, tomorrow the sky will remain milky white, and their tears may pour as rain on the City of Hamburg until that town may float off, far and away. In deepest moaning about the most beautiful ship on the seas - and on behalf of my siblings and the whole family - the son. (Anders Bitsch-Christensen)»
I have just read this message and burst into tears. It is all so sad, why did this have to happen? Please post Anders' comment on your websites so that everyone all over the world can read and understand it - although certainly no one ever will understand why this lovely ship had to die!!!...


Atlântico Azul said...

The original message:

«Das Bild mit meinem Vater vor SEINEM Schornstein besagt alles.

Mir zittern die Glieder und die Tränen pressen hervor - und gleichermassen bin ich wütend wie fast nie zuvor im Leben. Ich muss überlegen - sind die gleichen Kräfte nochmals vorgetreten, die damals 1974 geholfen haben meinen Vater und sein Lebenswerk zu Fall zubringen? Weil er anders war, weil er stets an SEINE Besatzungen, Mitarbeiter, Geldgeber und seine Familie dachte, weil er Humor in die Schiffahrt brachte, weil so viele ihn, den "dummen Dänen" so hoch schätzten? Wenn meine Eltern auf ihrer Wolke sitzen und jetzt vor Scham erblassen, wird morgen der Himmel milchweiss bleiben, und ihre Tränen sollen den Regen über Hamburg fallen lassen bis die Stadt davonschwimmt.

In tiefster Trauer um das schönste Schiff auf denWeltmeeren - und im Namen meiner Geschwister und der ganzen Familie -der Sohn.»

Anders Bitsch-Christensen

Atlântico Azul said...

I am sorry, but I have been informed by Dirk that it is too late... our much estimeed «Maxim» is already at Alang Beach (India), sitting high on the beach, being almost impossible to drag her back into the sea... and the one way possible would cost a fortune.

Dirk, if you read this, tell me HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST? Can the German Government along with the European Commission still do something to rescue the Ship?

Atlântico Azul said...


CAP CRÉUS said...

Lá se vai mais um pouco da minha infância...

pereira de oliveira said...

As some sort of a consolation may we be rem9inded that,somewhere in the Book, it says: "If you live long enough you shall see all you have build destroyed".
And that is for a fact. May be a little sad but true.

Anonymous said...

We've lost the beutiful Lady, forever.
I can not understand this things.
Holger from Germany
TigerHamburg @